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Where there is love there is life–Mahatma Gandhi–

Free Love Advice

Nobody can exactly define the word of love. People know that they will be different when falling in love. If the romantic relationship tends to be brighter, some people will become more optimistic and joyful. People can be driven to the despair, sorrow or even bad attitude if they get stuck in serious love affairs. It is not difficult to keep a healthy relationship, is not it? However, if you see how to balance and nurture your love link, some arguments or conflicts can be avoided.

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Some advice on keeping the love as enjoyable as the first periods

Let your heart tells what you should do

Advice On Keeping The Love

There is no force in the love. Love comes from two hearts and two souls. You sometimes cannot know exactly when you fall in love with someone. When having a liking, you should follow what your heart needs. Do not force your heart to love other people when it does not. Do not take advantage of others to fill up space in your heart without loving them. Wait and wait. The time will heal all of the wounds in your heart.

Listen what your partner says

Do not ignore the care and conversation from your partner. When your partner has something to say, you should listen by your whole heart. Spend time understanding his/her anxieties or thoughts. You can understand your lover more when sharing your thoughts with him/her.

Spend time on being together

Sometimes, both of you should spend time for each other. Do not let the money earning, pursuit of the target, or the circle of ambition take periods of precious time of both. You and your partner can do some social activities or outdoor exercises.

Encourage your partner when he/she gets stuck

In the love relationship, your partner can get troubles with his/her family or boss. In this case, you have to help him/her overcome the feeling of despair because he/she believes on you. Walking on the beach or enjoying a song together can be some ideas for you.

Do not be afraid to express your true feeling

You cannot keep the relationship beautiful when having some secrets or bad characters that you want to hide your partner. If your lover really loves and needs you, he/she can accept your characters. Honesty and faith keep the relationship be stable.

Be courageous to apologize

Do not hide the mistakes that you did with your partner. Nothing can be covered forever. Your partner can forgive your wrong attitude if you are courageous to admit.

Where can we find the Free Love Advice?

Find The Free Love Advice

People can receive advice from their families, friends or close people for their problems in the love. Some experiences can be useful for you to solve the tensions. However, a few close people sometimes cause the conflicts in your love affair. Therefore, some people choose the Love Advice from many different source on the Internet ranging from the spiritual advice, metal doctors to the experienced experts. People can find the Free Love Advice on the Internet by several convenient means such as:

  • by Chat Rooms
  • by Email
  • by Phone

and other methods.

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14 thoughts on “Free Love Advice…!

  1. My friend Jenna had a thing with a guy names Jake. we all hung out and we went to the park to hangout with Jakes friend, Jim. jim wad like all over me he wouldn’t leave my side he went through my purse and was very touchy feely. jim is much younger then I wud ever go for but I decided to to see how it goes. so the second day we all four hung out me and jim kissed and cuddeled and held hands. he always makes plans after that. and he gets mad when I talk or touch other guys or they touch me he mentions girls to make me mad and then follows me after too make sure Im fine. his friend tells mehe talks about me in a good way butwont tell me what he sayshis friend clls me his girlfriend in front of him and he says nothing just gets big eyed and smiles and my friend told him she thinks I like him and he got red and smiled and looked down. but never said anything bout liking me back. but hes younger so I assumed it was because he was shy. the downfall is he has no phone but goes on facebook but he never messages me and during all tis he dated another girl. and when I found out he was very mad I found out and looked r and like he wanted to cry. gthey broke up a week later and he didn’t even care but when me and him fight he like gets super upset and tells his friend to tell me sorry. does he like me or not?

  2. I’ve always been really quiet around guys. I’ve never even had a boyfriend. I’m not ugly either. I have known this guy from my church for a couple years but never really talked to him. A week ago he came into the bookstore that my grandparents run so I was in there. He was with his aunt and she was talking to my grandma. He kept looking over at me. When they left he looked at me and smiled. I really want to talk to him but I don’t know how. I can’t stop thinking about him. Should I give him my number next time he comes into the bookstore or what should I do?!

  3. Honestly no one can tell you if he likes you or not only he knows but I PERSONALLY think you are better off without him if he can’t call you his gf or says he likes he thenhe’s not worth the time

  4. I met a guy name Jay. He is wonderful I have trust issues but I’m afraid that I might be pushing him away because of that give me advice on how to over come that

  5. After reading to your story, I realize this guy Jim, was head over heels on you from the day ONE. But he seems to be living on a fast lane. Its not good sign when a boy acts as if he know you from ages in a first meet and takes liberty to check out things in your purse!

    I think he would see you as a pride or prize to keep by his side and would totally get annoyed if some one gets in his way of touching you.

    I would advice you to stay away from guys like this …and try to find some one mature to hangout with; who will treat you right and sees you as a women to love ….not some kinda doll to play with or posses.! All the best

  6. Hi, I am having crush on this girl whose my junior in college. I have been making eye contact with her and she is aware of that. but few friends of mine who know her say that she has a lot of attitude. eg. my friend went to her to speak about his friend
    my friend: hey hi, my friend wants to be your friend
    she: who the fuck is he and why the fuck he wants to be my friend ( being in indian using words like fuck is lot abusive )
    coming to her previous relationships. she had been in relation with a guy but he was dating 2 girls at same time. so she broke up with him.
    I am confused how to approach her. And i m serious about her. plz help me

  7. Hello,

    I can’t stop thinking about this guy and I just feel at times like if he is thinking of me. Its so weird. I hope I’m not going crazy lol. I just don’t want to be the only one contacting him. I don’t like to create bad habits or patterns and don’t want to pressure anything. I mean at first we would text each other and I would get more feedback now that I don’t work there anymore he doesn’t contact me. Its been 4 months we don’t talk and I refuse to call him. I want it to be a mutual thing like before. We were coworkers and awesome friends and he seemed to enjoy my company. I never told him how I felt I was on denial of my feelings for him cause I’ve been married for 13 years but I’m not in love with my husband and have our issues so when I left the company I started missing him soooo much that I literally cried for him. Then to make things more complicated he did a 360 and got married less then 6 months and had a baby because he told me about her when he was dating her @ always wanted my opinion and advice about things.That’s when it hit me how unhappy I was and how much I felt for him. I finally told him how I felt almost a year later and explained it. The few times we were texting each other it was for long periods of time sometimes 6 hours. He didn’t say much about his feelings towards me but he seemed like shocked because we were on the phone for like 7 hours and i literally had to be the one ending the conversation. He did say that he thought of us a couple of times before in a romantic way but he put it lightly. He did admit he missed me at on point we spoke and questioned why I never told him nothing before? Then he laughed and said he would of been to much for me. Then we spoke a few times more after and for some odd reason the phone conversations started to get a lil spicy which he initiated then he backed off. We haven’t spoken since then. He just puts likes on my linkedin posts. I know hes a good guy and I’m not a home wrecker. I know its a done deal that we can’t be but just to know he felt something for me at that time would at least put me at ease. :(

  8. i will love a girl and she also know that i love her. Anything require she tells me and I provide her because I know my love is truth and I dont want anything except her love. But She talk and roam with other boy. And she tells me that she is with college girl. Pls advice me how she fall in my love. I can’t alive without her. Pls tell me.

  9. I really need advice. I just met a really great man who I want to have a relationship with. So far I have settled for FWBs in the short time I have been dating. I want his sweet kind man; not fwbs. I want a boyfriend, eventually a husband. I really really want this guy. How do I forge a bond, a connection with him? Someone please help me!!!!

  10. What should i do i like a girl and she likes me and i wanna ask her out but if i do i cant i gotta get the trust with my mom and dad out on the rode rhay should i do

  11. I don’t know how to break up with him. I do love him but everytime im not talking to him or not around him , I feel that I wanted to break up with him. Bu when Im talking to him , I can’t just do it. Please help me .. What to do

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